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We buy houses in Denver, CO and are known for being a no nonsense house buying company. If you want to sell your house fast we are the local cash home buyers who get the sale completed for you.

When you work with us, expect honesty, transparency, and a fair offer. As cash buyers in Denver, we provide flexibility around your schedule. Come check us out— we may just be the best fit for you!

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Your Cash Home Buyers In Denver


If making repairs, cleaning, finding a realtor, dealing with open houses and showings on top of paying commission and waiting potentially months for your home to sell sounds like the last things you want to deal with, we offer a better solution.

Selling your house to us is easy. As local cash buyers in Denver, CO, we work through your unique situation to best serve you.

We are two people who take care of all the hassles, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to selling your house in the Mile High City.

I'm the owner of this Real Estate Buying Business

I’m George. I would be very excited to talk to you about purchasing your house. I love my job and every day I get up and work hard for you! BTW the photo below is of me after 3 coffees from my favorite Denver Coffee Shop!

As a local expert in the “We Buy Houses” industry I am renowned for not messing around. I will give you my best cash offer. I will buy your house as-is. I will pay you in cash.

Selling your house in Denver to me is the faster easier way to get it SOLD!


We are the #1 Buyer and Close No Matter What

Sell Us Any House, Any Condition, Any Situation!

We buy houses in Denver no matter what the situation is. in a variety of situations. We make cash offers for homeowners who want to sell an unwanted house, townhome, condo, or apartment. We will give you cash for your house whether you are struggling to pay your mortgage, trying to avoid foreclosure, just need some extra cash or any other scenario including not wanting to deal with realtors. We close when you’re ready to sell!

Sell Your House to Us for Cash AND We'll Close Quickly - As Soon As You Need!

Cash home buyers - Avoiding foreclosure to save equity Cash home buyers - Too many repairs to deal with? Cash home buyers - Selling inheritance house?

We Buy Houses

We Buy to Stop Foreclosures

We buy when there are MANY Repairs to do

We buy Inherited Houses

Going through divorce?

Why Sell To Us

Sell us your house in Denver and it will be fast and easy.

No realtors or inspectors getting in the way.

You choose the closing date 

It doesn’t matter what the condition is you can always sell us your house


Faster easiest way to Sell Your Denver Property

If you need a faster easier way to sell you have found it. We buy houses!

If you need a great cash price to sell?

We buy houses for cash and we base our offer on current market value!

Sellers are so happy when they sell to us!

We have positive reviews abouthouse we boguht on many legitimate platforms.


Happy Customers in Denver, CO

We have bought many houses in Denver, Colorado. Read our reviews to see why people are happy when they sell to us!

“I really appreciate when a company is honest and doesn’t hide anything. It was refreshing to work with these guys because they didn’t try to sell me on choosing them. They actually were super open about other options I could take. In today’s world, it made me so happy to see companies like this one help me out and go above and beyond what was asked. I felt comfortable during the whole process.”
Paul Walsh

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell Your House To A Real Estate Investor or Wholesale
Option 3: Sell Your House to a Real Estate Investor or Wholesaler
Selling your house to an investor or wholesaler may be a good option if you need to sell your house as quickly as possible (30 days or less), you don’t want to do any repairs or maintenance, and you don’t mind selling at a discount in return for speed and ease.

The Process
1. You contact an investor. Most cities have real estate investors who buy houses.
2. An investor will evaluate your house, come up with a value for it, and make an offer that fits their buying criteria. You evaluate the offer and decide if it works for you.
3. If it’s a fit on both sides, the investor will work with a title company to prepare all of the necessary documents to close on the sale. You’ll get paid in cash quickly!

While you won’t have to pay any commission fees or closing costs using this strategy, you will not make as much money for you home because investors can’t pay full retail value for your house.

How fast can I sell?
Many real estate investors can give you an instant offer and close the sale within as little as 7 days after you accept.

Can I get paid in cash?
Yes, real estate investors almost always pay in cash.

You can sell fast and get paid in cash in 7-30 days.
You won’t have to pay any fees or commissions, and usually the investor will pay all closing costs.
Most investors can buy your house “as-is” and won’t require you to repair anything, clean anything up, or even remove everything from the house. (Afterwards, they may fix them up and sell or rent them out.)
Investors cannot pay the full value of your home.
Who should use this option?
People willing to sell at a lower price.
People who need to sell quickly (days or weeks rather than months).
People who don’t want to hassle with repairs or cleaning up the house.

Many people who look into selling for cash end up asking themselves if it’s really worth it. AND that comes down to what your plans are.

If you need to sell fast then selling for cash is the best choice. 

If you want the highest sales price then you should list on the MLS.

When it comes down to how much cash you actually pocket that requires more thought. 

How much you end up getting paid will come down to closing costs, repairs needed, inspection fixes, and other requests from the buyer. 

Just know this. If you sell your house to a trusted cash buyer you will get an offer based on real comps. You won’t have to fix or repair anything. It will be the fastest way for you to get your house sold in Denver, CO.

Selling for cash is much like selling the traditional method except you pay a lot fewer fees and it’s much faster.  The basic steps are the same, however.

  1. Talk to a cash home buyer
  2. Get your cash offer from them
  3. Review the cash offer
  4. If it agreeable – Accept it
  5. (at this point a legit buyer will pretty much do the rest – you may need to sign a couple of docs but that’s about it!)
  6. Comply with any title needs or signing requirements

To sell your house as-is you have to find a buyer that is willing to do the repairs after closing. 

These days most “normal” buyers that are looking to live in the house want it completely renovated AKA move-in-ready.  That means you are going to have to fix it up really nicely! Think stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, granite countertops, and all those niceties you see on fixer upper and HGTV

If you want to sell as-is you probably need someone who has really good handyman skills or you need to sell to a “We Buy Houses” Company AKA Real Estate Investor AKA Cash Home Buyer. 

Cash home buyers buy houses in any condition. They then fix them up to add value to the property. This is how they make a living. Therefore they prefer to buy as-is. 

Now for the second part of the question…

How to sell for a GREAT price: For this, you need to know what your house is worth as it stands. Knowing value puts you in the driver’s seat. When you get a cash offer you will know if it’s high, too low, or JUST RIGHT!!!

BEWARE OF CASH OFFERS THAT SEEM TO GOOD TO BE TRUE: These companies lock you into a contract then force you to lower your price during the inspection. If the offer seems too good to be true then beware. 

That said if the investor can show you why the offer is as it is then you know it’s legitimate. 

Sell Your House to The Best Local Cash Buyer Now.


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